Bathy-500 Series

Support Reference Files for Bathy-500MF and Bathy500DF Products

Title File Description
Connecting to your PC B500 comm Serial connection information for DGPS and Data Logging
Bathy-500 Series Presentation B500 Presentation Bathy-500 Presentation, you can review features, global sales, and background information on the product line.
HYDROpro Configuration B500-HYDROpro Configuration selling for HYDROpro interface to Bathy-500MF/DF
(download zipped dll below)
HYDROpro DLL download Syqwest dll DLL for use with HYDROpro when using with a Bathy-500MF/DF
Bathy-500 Connections B500 Connections Information and wiring diagrams for Bathy-500MF/DF interconnection
Bathy-500 Diagnostics B500 Diagnostics Power On Self Test, and diagnostic information