Display Chart

Bathy-2010 Interface

The Bathy 2010 Main interface is divided into two fields, the Controls and Status field, and the Data field. The vertical window boundary between the fields may be positioned by the user as desired. The Controls and Status field is located in the left portion of the window. It provides access to all of the user controlled parameters. Specifically, the Controls and Status field includes digital depth, an animated compass with heading marks in degrees, GPS Position, Time/Date, Ping Count, available disk space (for data storage), and Bathy 2010 Data Acquisition / Playback Unit status.

Display Modes

The Bathy 2010 Data Acquisition / Playback Unit features an enhanced multi-mode zoom. It provides a smooth, magnified high-resolution window of the bottom. The enhanced zoom modes are acquired in real-time and are displayed/recorded at higher sample rates than the Normal data (assuming the zoom range is smaller than the normal range).
There are 4 display modes available with Bathy 2010 software, including 3 Zoom modes, and 1 without any zoom. They include:

This mode displays the normal bottom data by itself without any zoom information. When selected, this mode will use the entire viewing area.

Bottom Zoom
When selected, this mode will split the viewing area in half. The left side will be used to show zoom information, and the right side for normal bottom data. Bottom Zoom mode centers the zoom display around the current depth allowing you to follow it up and down the water column at a high resolution. In addition, the user can use the Zoom Range Control to zoom in or out. The Zoom Range value represents the zoom range in whichever units are currently selected. When the zoom window moves up or down to track the bottom, it does so in Zoom Range / 2 increments.

Bottom Lock Zoom
This mode functions the same way as Bottom Zoom, however it does not show the bottom moving through the water column. Instead, it will lock the bottom to the upper portion of the zoom view so that the user may continuously monitor sub-bottom information.

Marker Zoom
Like in the other modes, Marker Zoom provides a high-resolution zoomed view of the water column, however in this mode, the user can specify where in the water column the zoom range will begin. This is accomplished by dragging the marker zoom bar up or down the normal view scalebar to the point you want the zoom range to begin. The start of the zoom range can be observed at the top of the zoom window while you drag the marker zoom bar, but the marker zoom isn’t set until the mouse button is released.