Hydrographic Echo Sounders

Hydrographic echo sounders are used to measure the depth to the seafloor by using the properties of acoustic waves. The principle of echo-sounders is basic - by measuring the two-way travel time between the acoustic waves transmitted on sea surface and those reflected at seafloor.

Echo-sounders are classified into two types; Single-Beam Echo Sounder (SBES) and Multi-Beam Echo Sounder (MBES). The names of 'single' and 'multi' stem from the number of depth points measurements collected at the same time.

Single-Beam Echo Sounders (SBES)

Syqwest Inc. has a complete line of high quality affordable single beam echo sounders to choose from for Hydrographic Surveying applications.

SBES systems were developed about 80 years ago and have substantially contributed to important primary oceanographic discoveries and developments. SBES are still commonly used in hydrographic surveying. A SBES can measure only one point per acoustic echo wave (echo) emitted. The specifications of SBES are defined by beam angle and frequency of transmitted acoustic wave from the transducer as well as many other sonar parameters which may be selected in order to provide water depth capabilities from less than 1 meter to full ocean depth.

Product Selection Guide

Product Water Depth Built in Thermal Chart Record
Bathy 500-HD <= 1000 Meters Yes
Bathy 500-HD DUAL <= 1000 Meters Yes
HydroBox HD SC/DF <= 1000 Meters No
EchoBox/B1500 C  <=5000 Meters No
Bathy-2010 Full Ocean Depth  No