Volume Calculation & Analysis of Changes to Longbasaba Lake

Published 02/28/2018

According to observations by the local water conservation office, Longbasaba Lake grew rapidly in 2004, putting its dam at risk of failure. A Hazard investigation report on the lake issued by the Hydrological Department of the Tibet Autonomous Region in 2006 pointed out that a flood would threaten the towns of Saer and Jiangga, along with 23 other down stream villages , and would destroy roads, bridges and communication facilities between the city of Shigaste and Dinggye County and the Rongkong hydro-power station. Hence there is an urgent need to monitor the variations in Longbasaba Lake.

The rubber dinghy used in the field investigation, and schematic of Hydrobox HD system setup.

The distribution of sampling points(red circles) of the HydroBox HD sonar system. The blue line is the lake boundry derived from Landsat in November 2009.

Morphology modeling of Longbasaba Lake in 2009. (viewing angle is from south to north)


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