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TD-1479 Large Spherical Array & OB-122 Wide Aperture Array

Published 11/05/2014

SyQwest manufactures all components of the TD-1479 LSA and OB-122 WAA outboard electronics units. These are the primary outboard electronics for both of these US navy submarine sonar systems. Each LSA and WAA OBE contains electronics to provide amplification, filtering, analog-to-digital conversion, and signal encoding. Digital acoustic data for all the hydrophone channels processed within...

TR-343 Transducer Ceramic Stack Assembly

Published 11/04/2014

SyQwest Inc. manufactures and tests transducer ceramic stack assemblies for the TR-343 transducer which is used on a broad array of US Navy surface ships. The TR-343 transducer is part of the AN/SQS-53 Hull Mounted Sonar Array Assembly which is a component of AN/SQQ-89(V) acoustic sonar weapons (ASW) system. The AN/SQQ-89(V) is a fully integrated...

DT-276A Hydrophone

Published 11/03/2014

SyQwest Inc manufactures and tests DT-276A hydrophone assemblies which are used on the AN/BQR-7 submarine sonar system. The AN/BQR-7 is a passive conformal low frequency flank array sonar system.  

DT-513 Hydrophone

Published 11/02/2014

Syqwest Inc manufactures the DT-513 hydrophone, which is a wide band, omni-directional device with an integrated preamplifier. The DT-513 hydrophone is used on naval surface ships and submarines for making reference sound level measurements.  

TR-317 Transducer

Published 11/01/2014

The TR-317 transducer element is the building block for the spherical bow array for the Los Angeles and Virginia class submarines. The array functions as the high power active and passive sonar and search tool. Syqwest Inc restores and recertifies these transducers as the US Navy designated repair depot for this device.