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Many Thanks to Leeann from Newcastle University

Published 02/12/2015

The entire team here at SyQwest would like to thank the School of Marine Science and Technology at Newcastle University, one of the premier maritime research institutes in all of the UK, for their recent purchase. This purchase will allow scientists and engineers from Newcastle University in Tyne UK to continue to play a leading...

Harvard University, NASA and the SyQwest Stratabox

Published 02/12/2015

For the team here at SyQwest, it is always a profound thrill to discover our products are being used for important environmental research, especially where such renown institutions such as Harvard University and NASA are concerned.Lake Tonle Sap is located at the central part of Cambodia in South-East Asia. In rainy season, the water body...

SyQwest Bathy-2010PC Helps To Unearth Buried Treasure

Published 10/28/2014

We would like to extend our congratulations to Dr. Rolf Aalto and the Stroud Water Research Center in their recent success utilizing our portable chirp profiler, the Bathy-2010PC. In an article posted on their website (read the full article here), the Stroud Center raved about the performance of the Bathy-2010PC unit and the integral part...

SyQwest Would Like to Thank Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Published 10/02/2014

We're delighted to share a recent client testimonial:   "I purchased a SyQwest HydroBox last spring and used it last summer with great success. You were very helpful in providing specs on the unit and it's data sentence - thank you! I would recommend this unit to anyone in need of a shallow to mid-range echo sounder...

SyQwest HydroBox Update to Simplify Interface

Published 09/12/2014

SyQwest is pleased to announce that it has implemented a software update that greatly simplifies the hardware interface between the HydroBox product and HYPACK’s Navigation and Survey application. A description of the interface requirements and the update is listed below.For a typical single beam Hydrographic survey, the surveyor uses the following list of equipment/applications to...