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Strata Box 10 kHz Shallow Water Performance

Published 11/23/2015

(Click for full size)   The above image was from a survey taken off the North Coast of the San Francisco, CA shore.  Merkel & Associates INC successfully conducted an eel grass layer classification survey in shallow water.  The parameters for the sub bottom survey were 1 to 12 meters, and the goal was to identify mud...

Shell Offshore Conducts Seismic Survey Using Strata Box 3.5 kHz

Published 11/05/2015

Shell Offshore collected marine seismic data in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas in support of potential future oil and gas leasing and development. Deep seismic acquisition for SOI was conducted by WesternGeco using the Gilavar, a source vessel that towed an airgun array as well as hydrophone streamers, and the Syqwest StrataBox to record reflected...

New and Improved Portable CHIRP: The Strata Box HD

Published 10/14/2015

The StrataBox-HD now uses FM CHIRP processing! FM CHIRP enhances and improves vertical layer sediment resolution significantly. Same seafloor bottom represented by CHIRP processing, vs. CW signal processing. Quite the image improvement, if we do say so ourselves.Additionally the following significant enhancements in design have been made. 16 Bit Full Spectrum CHIRP signal processing. High bandwidth digital...

SyQwest Seamlessly Integrates with SonarWiz5 and SBP Software

Published 08/21/2015

SonarWiz 5, from Chesapeake Technology, Inc., is seamlessly integrated with the full line of SyQwest sonar systems. Combining the precision sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profiling and hydrographic survey data acquisition products of SyQwest with the easy-to-use mapping capabilities of SonarWiz 5 produces a high-quality deliverable from a reliable package. SonarWiz 5 is a complete data acquisition...

Gowanus Canal Bottom Elevations, Brooklyn NY

Published 07/17/2015

CR Environmental, Inc. performed a bathymetric survey of part of Gowanus Bay and all navigable portions of the Gowanus Canal, located in Brooklyn, NY, on January 5, 2010 for Henningson, Durham and Richardson Architecture and Engineering, P.C. utilizing the SyQwest Bathy 500 and a SyQwest HydroBox.  The objective of the survey was to map seabed...