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HydroBox HD™ Hydrographic Echosounder Manual

Published 03/24/2016

The HydroBox HD™ is a portable, low power, high-resolution, and water-resistant marine hydrographic echosounding instrument capable of delivering cm resolution for bottom depth measurements. When used with SyQwest’s survey grade transducers the instrument provides depth measurement accuracy that meets all of the IHO requirements. It is designed exclusively for inshore and coastal hydrographic marine survey...

Another happy Deepwater 2010 customer for SyQwest Inc

Published 02/02/2016

Party Chief freelancer of hydrographic survey projects, I work offshore +10 years.    I am working with Syqwest products since 2011 when I was on board for the company Geodata / Georadar in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil - Angelo Lima.   I think the Sub-bottom Bathy 2010 is the best SBP I have seen to date.   Considering the good...

IODP Uses SyQwest's Bathy 2010 3.5 kHz Chirp Profiler

Published 01/20/2016

IODP utilizes SyQwest's Bathy 2010 3.5 kHz Chirp Profiler to conduct Geo physical survey from the shore of Japan to the Shatsky Rise, with great success! Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Expedition 324 had long transits from Yokohama, Japan, to Shatsky Rise; between the five sites; and from Shatsky Rise to Townsville, Australia. In all, transits...

GeoGlobe LLC Uses SyQwest StrataBox 3510 and Bathy 1500C

Published 12/16/2015

Our congratulations to GeoGlobe LLC on their recent success utilizing our multi-frequency Sub Bottom Profiler (StrataBox 3510) and Bathy Metric (Bathy 1500C) pairing to determine organic hydrocarbon layers over sludge material in Absheron Salt lakes.  Here is a note we received from Mr. Fuad Mehraliyev of GeoGlobe LLC: Dear SyQwest Inc. Team,Recently we worked on a...