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200 Meters of Penetration with Bathy 2010

Published 08/31/2016

Bathy 2010 Deep water 3.5 kHz (16) array gets customer over 200 meters of penetration in course sands at nearly 4,500 meters of water depth, as you can see below.  They used an LPT-5P amplifier and an array of (16) 3.5 kHz TR 109's to drive them to these depths, easily affording them penetration levels...

Port of Brisbane's Marine Survey Enhanced by SyQwest's B 2010 SBP

Published 08/25/2016

PBPL, Brisbane now has the ability to determine, detect and characterize benthic habitats. In addition, it can determine sub-surface geophysical properties while enhancing the team's ability to identify and classify marine sediment layers. It will help to provide essential information to a number of their dredging fleet vessels, in real time.   Contact the SyQwest Inc. Sales staff...

SyQwest Bathy 2010 PC

Published 06/20/2016

Helps to determine accurate volumes of sand reserves for dredging purposes in the Caribbean. 11 meters of strata was achieved (above), in course packed sands.   The 2nd bottom return is very strong in this data file as the seafloor is a hard material type aka course packed sand. The Bathy 2010 PC was used for the accurate determination...

Stratabox HD™ CHIRP Marine Geophysical Instrument Manual

Published 03/29/2016

The Stratabox HD™ is a portable, low power, high-resolution, and water-resistant marine sediment imaging instrument capable of delivering 6 cm of marine sediment strata resolution with bottom penetration of up to 40 meters. It is designed exclusively for inshore and coastal geophysical marine survey up to 150 meters of water depth and operates at 10...