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SyQwest & Xylem Work Together to Integrate Sensors and Hypack

Published 07/07/2017

SyQwest Inc., renowned manufacturer of portable FM Chirp Sub Bottom profilers, collaborate in an effort to integrate its product line with Xylem Inc new post processing software "Hypack Sub Bottom". Browse the select images below showing these new capabilities.  Brand New Graphical User Interface Layout  Sub-bottom profile showing the interpretation of three distinct geological units. Note the annotation...

StrataBox Used in Search for Lost French Fleet of 1565

Published 05/31/2017

In 2014 the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) used our StrataBox Subbottom Profiler in search of  the location of the lost French Fleet of 1565. Read the excerpt from NOAA below:  Our subbottom Profiler is a SyQwest StrataBox. We first used this model in 2009, when we had one on loan from the University of...

Geophysical Survey Report, Onondaga Lake

Published 05/31/2017

SyQwest beams with pride that our HydroBox Dual Channel and StrataBox 10kHz were used by Cr Environmental (CR) to collect the Bathymetric and Sub-Bottom data to assist in the environmental clean up of Lake Onondaga in Syracuse, New York. These two systems allowed CR to complete their survey while adhering to the hydrographic standards promulgated...

Strata Box HD achieves 35 ft of post-impoundment penetration

Published 05/12/2017

Aerial view of the survey lines conducted at Essex County watershed, Indian Hills Conservation.  The above profile suggests a minimum post-impoundment sediment layering result of 35ft.  Glacial deposits at the lake bottom consisted of loose, silts to coarser sands. Contact the SyQwest Inc. Sales staff today, for pricing on the world's premier portable FM Chirp sediment imaging...

New and Improved CHIRP Bathy 500 HD Series

Published 04/05/2017

Syqwest Inc is pleased to announce our latest series of product upgrades, with a completely refreshed Bathy-500 series.  We have sold 3,000 of these systems world wide over the years and want to add all the features possible for our customers. The Bathy-500 HD is a state-of-the-art electronic survey instrument used to generate precision chart recordings...