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Curse of Oak Island Maps Sediments with StrataBox

Published 03/08/2019

The Curse of Oak Island, Season 6, Episode 14  on History Channel Stratabox HD used by Centre of Geographic Sciences surveying in Western Shore, Nova Scotia, Canada Rick and Marty Lagina of the Oak Island treasure hunting team look into a theory that there‚Äôs a 2nd drain formation / flood tunnel systems located offshore from the south...

Successful Integration on Unmanned Surface Vehicle

Published 11/20/2018

We here at SyQwest Inc. are proud to report the successful integration of our HydroBox HD electronics within an USV platform designed in China. The USV was used in estuaries along the mouth of the Huang He River. Our versatile HydroBox HD will provide High Resolution Bathymetry for less than the competition.   Contact the SyQwest Inc. Sales...

SyQwest Inc and Hypack; Sub Bottom Profiling

Published 07/16/2018

SyQwest Inc and Hypack; sub bottom profiling data acquisition at its best.   Click here to learn more about HYPACK's exciting new sub-botom profiling software that is compatible with all of SyQwest's sub-bottom profilers.

Volume Calculation & Analysis of Changes to Longbasaba Lake

Published 02/28/2018

According to observations by the local water conservation office, Longbasaba Lake grew rapidly in 2004, putting its dam at risk of failure. A Hazard investigation report on the lake issued by the Hydrological Department of the Tibet Autonomous Region in 2006 pointed out that a flood would threaten the towns of Saer and Jiangga, along...

StrataBox 3510HD Seabed Sediment Survey King Island, Queensland

Published 02/16/2018

Sub-bottom profiling (SBP) with the StrataBox 3510 HD revealed relatively heterogeneous surface substrate with boulder and reef formations throughout the initial proposed location. A zone west of the initial location was identified as more suitable with approx. 50 by 30 m cover in minimum of 800 mm sand and no boulder or reef structure.   To further...