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StrataBox HD Shallow Water Geophysical Exploration

Published 10/14/2020

Shallow water sub bottom profiling has a myriad of issues over the years in obtaining quality data in very shallow water environments.  Between bulky equipment and multiple returns, this has made shallow water operations difficult to say the least. Syqwest’s Stratabox HD has been designed especially for shallow water operations, notorious for their difficulty and...

SyQwest Inc. and Simple Unmanned; SBP and USV

Published 05/29/2020

When Willis Maxson and his U.S. based team at Simple Unmanned needed access to high quality sub bottom data in a portable package—one that could be installed in his unmanned surface vehicle—he reached out to our team here at SyQwest, Inc.  We immediately knew that our systems would be able to come together and create...

MIT and SyQwest; Custom Bathymetric Solutions

Published 03/17/2020

Researchers and Engineers with Lincoln Labs at MIT worked with electronics professional Timothy Morel at SyQwest, Inc. to develop a custom bathymetric device in order to perform large scale ocean surveys.

Does the Bimini Road Lead to the Lost City of Atlantis?

Published 09/03/2019

The Syqwest Team, utilizing the StrataboxHD, the latest in CHIRP sediment profiling technology, is trying to find out where the Bimini road leads.  We have been invited to an on the set filming of Discovery Channel's "Expedition Unknown".   Electronics professionals Mark Girouard and Timothy Morel used a 10kHz Strata Box HD Chirp sediment imaging profiler...

Curse of Oak Island Maps Sediments with StrataBox

Published 03/08/2019

The Curse of Oak Island, Season 6, Episode 14  on History Channel Stratabox HD used by Centre of Geographic Sciences surveying in Western Shore, Nova Scotia, Canada Rick and Marty Lagina of the Oak Island treasure hunting team look into a theory that there’s a 2nd drain formation / flood tunnel systems located offshore from the south...