SyQwest Inc. and Simple Unmanned; SBP and USV

Published 05/29/2020

When Willis Maxson and his U.S. based team at Simple Unmanned needed access to high quality sub bottom data in a portable package—one that could be installed in his unmanned surface vehicle—he reached out to our team here at SyQwest, Inc.  We immediately knew that our systems would be able to come together and create something great.  We are now able to announce successful trial runs of our combined sub bottom profiler and unmanned surface vehicle.  Video footage from the on-screen software display can be seen here

The user controls the StrataBox HD from shore via a wireless LAN connection between the instrument and laptop running the control software.  The boat can operate by following a pre-programmable and DGPS guided path or via RF remote control. 

The pre-defined path is extremely simple to set up with the Mission Planner software as seen here in a video by Simple Unmanned.

During the design phase of this Unmanned Sub Bottom system, we integrated our 10kHz transducer in to the bottom of Unmanned Surface Vessel by Simple Unmanned.  The transducer is flush mounted for travel purposes and mounts on a motor controlled screw rod, such that it can be lowered below the vessel for sound propagation in the water. 

The increased demand for small river and shallow water access with regards to sub bottom profile surveys make the Simple Unmanned HarborScout 3 combined with a SyQwest Inc. StrataBox HD the ultimate solution. Contact the SyQwest Inc.  sales staff today, for pricing on the world's premier portable Sub Bottom Profiling instruments! You will be glad you did!