Polish A.S. Uses StrataBox To Track Sediment in Shallow Water

Published 10/10/2017

The Polish Academy of Science conducted a scientific research survey to better understand the relationship between coastal processes and the properties of the nearshore seabed dynamic layer. The research site was chosen due to the proximity of the shore cliffs in Poland. The Polish Academy of Science implemented a SyQwest StrataBox to ensure that they would receive the best data possible and for the portability so that they could conduct the research using a twenty-five foot watercraft.

The research team was pleased to discover that the StrataBox was able to exceed all their expectations. The data that was collected allowed the team to delineate the difference between sand, organic sediments, and glacial sand layers. The precision of the StrataBox provided detailed data so that the motion and layers of sediment could be logged correctly.

  Click Here to Read the Full Report of the Geophysical Survey


StrataBox survey utilized on small boat.

"Seismo-acoustic measurements using the side-mounted StrataBox near CRS Lubiatowo"

"Sub-bottom profile surveyed with the StrataBox at Lubiatowo at a depth of 9m"

"Sub-bottom profile surveyed with StrataBox at Lubiatowo at a depth 6m"

"Sub-bottom profile surveyed with StratBox at lubiatowo at a bar trough." The remains of an old measuring tower are discovered using the StrataBox.

"Sub-bottom profile surveyed with StrataBox at a depth of 2.5m in Vistula Lagoon"


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