MIT and SyQwest; Custom Bathymetric Solutions

Published 03/17/2020

When researchers and engineers at Lincoln Labs with MIT need customized bathymetric equipment, delivered fast and affordably, they come to SyQwest to fulfill their needs.  After disappointing work with some of the larger names in industry, engineers at the lab reached out to us about our HydroBox HD unit.  With over two decades of use internationally in all ocean depths and environments, the HydroBox HD was almost the perfect solution to fit their needs.  With some new developments and a quick turn around, we were able to provide the researchers with a customized HydroBox HD unit.  This instrument contained all of the standard waveforms and processing our customers are used to alongside new functionality to transmit any arbitrary frequency waveform in to the water.  The biggest limit to this waveform will be the tuning of the transducer element used in the system.  We combined these new features with a 33 kHz transducer for Andrew’s shallow-to-mid-range survey needs.

In building their large system, MIT must use several transducers each with the potential to transmit a different custom waveform at different rates all controlled from the same computer.  The level of accuracy required for their project is significantly higher than a standard bathymetric survey.  So much so, in fact, that we provided a connector which yields a copy of the transmitted waveform right at the output so the precise timing between the instantiation of the ping and the sound wave entering the transducer element can be measured. 

Our software updates provide a low-user-input mode of operation where the system can receive pulse triggers from an external square wave driven to a new trigger connector on the right side of the instrument.  The software will remember the previously used custom waveform and in turn:

 1.) The instrument can be turned on with a power supply

2.) The software can be started with one click

3.) The external trigger will cause the sensor to transmit 

Together, that means custom user-defined waveforms are only limited by the ping rate of the instrument and tuning of the transducer element and sound can be pushed in to the water with power applied and the click of one button to begin the software.

These types of systems are not only the future of custom sonar and bathymetry, but our specialty at SyQwest.  Our passionate team of engineers and technicians strive to develop new technologies with a broader reach and simpler interface.  Providing clients with simple and portable solutions to more than one survey and all of their project needs is our goal.  Furthering our knowledge; our mission.  Clients like MIT and their associates help drive the progression of technology and all of our dreams as scientists to come true.