Curse of Oak Island Maps Sediments with StrataBox

Published 03/08/2019

The Curse of Oak Island, Season 6, Episode 14  on History Channel

Stratabox HD used by Centre of Geographic Sciences surveying in Western Shore, Nova Scotia, Canada

Rick and Marty Lagina of the Oak Island treasure hunting team look into a theory that there’s a 2nd drain formation / flood tunnel systems located offshore from the south coast of the island. This theory is backed by holes seen in the ice off of Oak Island in pictures taken by veteran treasure hunter Dan Blankenship in the winter of 1980.  These holes in the ice would have been caused by tunnels or manmade caves underwater.  If  this is in fact the case, it could mean there’s a 2nd potential location for the money pit / treasure hole where these tunnels are.  The oceanic survey team from COGS investigates this by using our Stratabox HD 10kHz to find evidence of manmade formations up to 30ft beneath the ocean floor.  They surveyed a total of 30 lines up to 5m apart with the Stratabox HD.